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A recent ruling made by the U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday could have an effect on Las Vegas Metro’s ability to arrest individuals suspected of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The Supreme Court ruled that police must try to obtain a search warrant from a local judge before ordering the DUI blood test for the suspect.

That’s right, DUI Blood Test May Require A Warrant

This law would directly affect Las Vegas due to the fact that there are so many DUI suspects in the Valley. This year alone, Nevada Highway

Criminal Defense Attorney For DUI Charges in Las Vegas, NV

Criminal Defense Attorney For DUI Charges in Las Vegas, NV

Patrol troopers have arrested 355 people for drunk driving in southern Nevada…and we’re not even half way through the year!

Currently, state troopers depend on both breath and blood tests to determine a person’s blood alcohol content. National Highway Patrol spokesman, Jeremie Elliott, said that most of the time, drivers consent to tests without a fight.

“It’s not an issue,” Elliott reported.

The Supreme Court ruling was inspired by a recent incident in Missouri when a suspect objected to being forced by police to have a blood test without a warrant. “When somebody is piercing your skin, putting a needle in your vein, that is unreasonable and that would require a warrant,” said Garrett Ogata, a representative for people facing DUI charges.

Nevada currently has what’s known as “implied consent” meaning that drivers must submit a sample if they’re on a public road. And for now ,this current law is expected to be enforced.

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Mark Coburn Criminal Defense Attorney in Las Vegas

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