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Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Mark Coburn Discusses a Serious Rising Problem to Las Vegas and the War on Sex Trafficking

Did You Know Las Vegas is One of The Top Cities For Sex Trafficking?

The recent raids at Las Vegas brothels are shedding light on a terrifying problem: authorities say that Las Vegas is one of the worst cities in the world for sex trafficking.

Driving down certain, popular Las Vegas streets, you’re bound to find prostitutes wandering the curbs looking for their next Johns—and though what these women are doing is far from a healthy choice of lifestyle—and while some of them may be under the control of domineering pimps—many of these particular women have chosen street-walking as a way to support drug habits and other digressive behaviors.

On the other hand, away from the bright lights of the Strip and the openness of immediately surrounding Las Vegas streets—the real nightmare takes place. Countless, unassuming, residential homes in the valley have been turned into bordellos—where women and girls are smuggled inside and kept as sex slaves. These women and girls are not working in the world’s oldest profession by choice. But rather, they are victims in a criminal ring that’s exploding in Las Vegas.

Terri Miller is the director of Metro’s Anti-Trafficking League Against Slavery, which formed in February of this year. “Las Vegas is known to be one of seventeen cities that is at high risk for human trafficking because of the nature of Las Vegas…” Miller stated. Because of this, a new campaign exposing human trafficking is being launched in Las Vegas.

Law enforcement agencies are not just going after pimps and others allegedly involved in prostitution rings; their crackdowns could lead to the arrests of those who do business with the bordellos as well. Metro’s Terri Miller said, “Just to let the cabbies know, they can be prosecuted under federal statute.”

Many of the women and girls forced into this modern-day form of slavery are originally from out of town, and come to Las Vegas in hopes of starting a new life filled with opportunities. Unfortunately, they are tricked or coerced by men who then sell them into bordellos. Oftentimes the women are from out of the country, and respond to misleading ads for work opportunities in Las Vegas. Men will pay for their tickets overseas, and then once these girls arrive, they are unknowingly taken to a sex-trafficking house and kept against their wishes there.

The women from this past weekend’s sting are getting treatment at the Salvation Army. Lauren Hermosillo of the Salvation Army, stated: “They are going to be emotionally traumatized, and they have also been brainwashed.”

It can take years for victims to become survivors. And Metro says they have just begun to scratch the surface of the sex-trafficking industry here. There are many more houses of prostitution operating in the Las Vegas Valley, where women and children are forced into a life of sex.

One thing to look for in your neighborhood are taxis and limos arriving at all hours of the night. If you suspect a human trafficking operation is in your neighborhood, you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers at 385-5555.

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