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Attorney Mark Coburn has over seventeen years of legal experience and runs an active and successful Criminal Defense Practice located in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is able to help anyone needing to have their records sealed, provided their offenses are eligible and the proper time limits have been met. Contact Mark Coburn’s office with your questions regarding record sealing. (702) 384-1001(702) 384-1001

Criminal Record Sealing

Record sealing is the legal process of concealing or hiding charges from a person’s permanent criminal record so that the records cannot be accessed by any public, private or government agency. Once an individual’s records are sealed, all of the proceedings recounted in that individual’s record are treated as if they never occurred.

What are the benefits of sealing my record?

People lose certain benefits and privileges once they are convicted of criminal charges.

One of the main reasons people get their records sealed is so they have wider employment opportunities. This is especially relevant in today’s world when all major corporations, including Las Vegas casinos, do background checks on potential employees. When applying for a job, a person with a sealed record can answer “no” to all the questions asking whether or not they have ever been arrested or convicted of a crime or felony.

What happens after the record is sealed?

The result of sealing your criminal record in Nevada is that the criminal proceedings are treated as if they never happened. By sealing your records, you will be eligible for jobs as well as professional licenses and other civic liberties that would otherwise exclude you based solely on your criminal history.

What is the difference between sealing and expunging a record?

Sealing a criminal record renders the contents of the record invisible to the public, to private parties, and to government agencies. Under certain circumstances, it is possible for agencies like the FBI and CIA to get access to sealed records.

Expunging a criminal record essentially erases the record completely as if it never existed. Usually juvenile records can be expunged once the juvenile reaches the age of maturity.

Currently, Nevada does not have an expunging option. You can only get your record sealed in Nevada. However, sealing your record still offers you close to the same benefits as expunging your record. Please contact our Law Office at (702) 384-1001(702) 384-1001 for any questions regarding your needs.

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