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Criminal accusations that pertain to sex crimes have severe and long-ranging consequences. Being investigated, accused or charged with a sex crime in Las Vegas may be devastating in terms of the possible lifelong ramifications. As with any serious crime, you may face extensive prison time, steep fines, and shame from your friends, family, and co-workers. You will also face the possibility of being forced to register as a sex offender; this carries a social stigma that can seriously affect your personal and professional relationships and make you ineligible for a long list of employment opportunities. As well, information about you/your conviction may be available for anyone with internet access.

At the Criminal Defense Law Office of Mark Coburn, we understand that the accusations of your sexual offense may have been rooted in exaggerated claims and false allegations, but even so, because of the stigma surrounding sex offenses, Las Vegas juries may walk in with certain prejudice. A skilled attorney can overcome that prejudice and expose the weaknesses in the case against you. Here is a partial list of the cases we can help you with:

  • NRS 200.366 Sexual Assault
  • NRS 200.366 Date Rape
  • NRS 200.368 Statutory Sexual Seduction
  • NRS 200.373 Spousal Rape / Marital Rape
  • NRS 200.485 Battery Domestic Violence
  • NRS 200.571 Harassment
  • NRS 200.575 Stalking
  • NRS 200.603 Peeping, Spying, Peering into a dwelling
  • NRS 200.604 Capturing Image of Private area of Another Person
  • NRS 200.710 Using a minor in a Pornography Production
  • NRS 200.720 Advertising Child Pornography
  • NRS 200.730 Child Pornography Possession
  • NRS 201.180 Incest
  • NRS 201.190 Sodomy
  • NRS 201.210 Open or Gross Lewdness
  • NRS 201.220 Indecent Exposure
  • NRS 201.230 Lewdness with a child under 14 years old
  • NRS 201.300 Pandering
  • NRS 201.354 Prostitution and Solicitation
  • NRS 200.310 Kidnapping / Abduction for sexual purposes
  • NRS 201.090 Contributing to the Delinquency of a minor
  • NRS 201.2565 Exhibition and Sale of Obscene Material to minors
  • NRS 201.540 Improper Sexual Conduct between teachers and students
Sexual Assault in Las Vegas

Under Nevada Revised Statutes § 200.366, “sexual assault” covers charges that many may call “rape.” This charge refers to an instance where any person subjects another person to any kind of sexual penetration without that person’s consent. The penetration may be vaginal, anal or oral, and both the perpetrator and the victim may be either male or female.Lack of consent may be due to force, or, it may be because the victim was drugged by GHB or a “date rape” drug against his or her will. A person also may not give consent if he or she is physically or mentally incapable of giving consent because he or she is unconscious, mentally ill or disabled.If the victim suffered substantial bodily harm, a person convicted of sexual assault may be sentenced to life without parole, or life with the possibility of parole after 15 years. If the victim was 16 or younger and there was substantial bodily harm, then the sentence may be life without the possibility of parole.It is always a crime, often called “statutory rape,” for a person 18 or older to have sex with someone younger than 16. Nevada Revised Statutes § 200.368 calls this “statutory sexual seduction.” If the accused is younger than 21, it is a gross misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in jail and a fine up to $2,000. If the accused is 21 or older, it is a Class C felony, punishable by a minimum year in prison with a maximum of five years, and a fine up to $10,000.Lewdness Charges“Lewdness” is a broad term under Nevada law. Laws prohibiting lewdness may include sexual penetration, but can also include acts like groping, under certain situations.It is a gross misdemeanor for a first offense and a Class D felony for any subsequent offense of open and gross lewdness.

Open and gross lewdness, under Nevada Revised Statutes § 201.210, means committing any sexual act in public. Police may arrest you for open and gross lewdness even in a place that is privately owned, if it is open to the public in Las Vegas. This includes nightclubs, bars or hotel pools.

You may also face indecent or obscene exposure charges for exposing breasts or genitals in a sexual manner, in a public place. Indecent or obscene exposure charges carry the same penalties as open or gross lewdness, and often go hand-in-hand. You may be charged with both offenses.

Lewdness with a child includes sexual acts with a child younger than 14 that may not be covered under statutory sexual seduction.

Prostitution is NOT Legal in Las Vegas / Clark County

Many people have the misconception that prostitution is legal in Las Vegas but this is not at all true. Legal prostitution at licensed brothels only exists in a few rural counties in Nevada. Under Nevada law, prostitution is illegal in any county with a population of more than 400,000 people. This includes Clark County and all of Las Vegas.

Prostitution-related crimes are punishable by law and prosecuted severely in Clark County. These include:

  • Engaging in Prostitution
  • Solicitation for Prostitution
  • Pandering
  • Advertising Prostitution

False Accusations

False accusations are more common than you might imagine, especially when sex crime allegations are made between people in a consensual sexual relationship. Most people make false allegations out of fear or due to pressure from peers or police. For the falsely accused, it is crucial to get legal representation right away. Many people are prosecuted and convicted based on false allegations so it is necessary to fight the charges immediately.

There are a wide variety of sex crimes in Nevada, and it is necessary to have a well informed and experienced lawyer to help you navigate the legal system.

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