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Las Vegas Premier Criminal Defense Attorney Mark Coburn

Successfully representing a Nevada criminal case requires a high level of skill, experience, and an understanding of Nevada’s complex laws. Unless you are willing to accept the maximum penalties, you must hire a qualified attorney to assist you with your defense options including: pursuit of case dismissal, plea bargain negotiations, and trying the case in court. With over 20 years of legal experience and thousands of satisfied clients, Attorney Mark Coburn is Southern Nevada’s most trusted Criminal Defense Attorney, committed to preserving your rights and defending your case.

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Don’t gamble with your future.

If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense in Las Vegas, you have a limited time to fight the charges. Criminal charges can have a significant impact on your future, and it’s crucial to obtain legal representation from a lawyer who will educate you on the defense process and aggressively fight for you in court.

At the Law Office of Mark Coburn, we are ready to provide your criminal case with unsurpassed legal representation. As an experienced Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney, Mark Coburn is consistently successful in achieving the best possible resolutions for his clients. Attorney Coburn defends even the toughest cases, guiding each client through the system in a way that brings them the most desirable results possible. Contact our Law Office today for a free case evaluation to discuss your options and begin building your defense immediately.

Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer - Mark Coburn

Client-Attorney Relationship

During one of the most stressful times of your life, you must make the right decision concerning your representation. Important factors to consider when choosing an attorney to represent your criminal case are the attorney’s knowledge of the criminal justice system, the attorney’s experience, and the attorney’s reputation. You should also feel comfortable discussing the personal details of your case with your attorney.

Building strong relationships with our clients is one of our Law Office’s highest priorities. We are committed to being advocates for you during every stage of the case. Attorney Coburn is an intelligent, reputable Criminal Defense Attorney licensed with the Nevada State Bar. He has the knowledge, education, and trusted experience to ensure that you receive unsurpassed legal representation and will provide your case with personal and attentive care.

Mr. Coburn has successfully defended thousands of clients with all types of criminal defense cases including both misdemeanor and felonies. The outcome of your case depends on the specific facts of the individual circumstances. Based on the details obtained during our initial conversation, we will determine how much your case will cost, and we will give you a flat rate fee for our potential services. Our team will then work diligently and aggressively to get the best possible results for you.

The bottom line remains: The Law Office of Mark Coburn will provide you with the highest quality criminal defense representation, period.

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Bail Bonds

Ask us about our Free O.R.!* (Own Recognizance Release) *in many cases

Legal definition of Own Recognizance: the basis for a judge allowing a person accused of a crime to be free while awaiting trial, without posting bail, on the defendant’s own promise to appear and his/her reputation. If you do not qualify for an O.R., we may be able to lower your bail amount by filing a motion and setting a bail hearing.

Criminal Record Sealing

If you have been arrested for a criminal offense, the indirect consequences may be much greater than just the punishment that the court will announce. Many indirect consequences occur after an arrest, and these consequences can last for a lifetime. A criminal conviction can be a career-ending event for professions that require special certifications. A criminal record sometimes disqualifies teachers, nurses, doctors, pilots or members of the military from working in a chosen profession, even if the case is ultimately resolved without a conviction. A Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney can help you lessen the direct and indirect consequences of criminal charges by getting your criminal record sealed, if you are eligible. Sealing a criminal record is one important step in avoiding certain indirect consequences after a criminal investigation.

Defending Tourists in Las Vegas

Were you arrested for criminal charge while visiting Las Vegas? If so, Attorney Mark Coburn may be able to handle your entire case without you returning to Las Vegas. If you are charged with a misdemeanor offense, Mr. Coburn may convince the court to waive your appearance at many, if not all, of your court dates. For clients who live outside the state of Nevada, we strive to help you avoid costly and unnecessary trips to court while we are aggressively fighting the charges.

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