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Good news in Sin City: Nevada Lawmakers recently supported legislation to fight Las Vegas Sex Trafficking.

It is well known that Las Vegas is a beacon for international sex trafficking and a barrage of other sex-related crimes.

Fortunately for all innocent victims involved, both Democrat and Republican members of Congress united on this issue in order to support five new bills that update old federal laws relating to the human trafficking epidemic in Las Vegas.

Nevada politician Joe Heck recently stated to the Las Vegas Sun that, “Human trafficking is a local, national and international epidemic that must be stopped.” In a similar plea, also reported to the Sun, Democrat Dina Titus stated, “Today, we can take a step in the right direction. We can speak for those who have no voice.”

Sex trafficking in Las Vegas is big business, involving online “transactions” made on underground websites that help to churn a multi-million dollar illegal industry. One of the bills passed makes it a crime to place advertisements for sex trafficking—especially online. Another bill helped in the creation of a $25 million grant program for the Justice Department to aid surrounding communities in the prosecution of sex-traffickers. The remainder of the bills focus on support systems the victims themselves: typically girls around 13 years old.

The bills must still pass in the Senate, but it is already a great triumph that they have made it this far.

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