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Important Information About Medical Marijuana Cards in Las Vegas, Nevada

Recent changes in Nevada state laws regarding the medicinal use of marijuana have led to a barrage of questions in regards to what is legal when it comes to obtaining a marijuana card in Nevada. Our Law Office receives inquiries daily from individuals wondering “How do I get a marijuana card in Las Vegas?”
As of April of 2014, the following holds true in the Las Vegas Valley, as well as the rest of the state of Nevada:
Any individual must have a registry identification card issued by the Division of Public and Behavioral Health (i.e. a medical marijuana card.) If any organization, individual, or doctor claims they are issuing a legitimate medical marijuana card to you, but they are not sending your application out through the Division of Public and Behavioral Health, be aware that you are not legally obtaining a State-approved medical marijuana card.

It is in your best interest to obtain a medical marijuana card from a legitimate & trusted source, such as our Law Office.

Once we have helped you legally obtain a medical marijuana card in Nevada, there are strict guidelines you must follow in order to maintain your right to the medicinal use of marijuana. A person is not exempt from prosecution if:

1) They drive, operate, or control a vehicle or vessel (such as a car or boat), or if they sail, while under the influence of medical marijuana. Unlawful amounts of marijuana in the blood or urine, per N.R.S. 484.379, are 10 nanograms per milliliter of urine and 2 nanograms per milliliter of blood.
2) They use a surfboard, water ski, or any similar device while under the influence of medical marijuana.
3) They operate an aircraft while under the influence of medical marijuana.
4) They have physical possession of a firearm while under the influence of medical marijuana.
5) They go on an amusement park ride while under the influence.
6) Possession of marijuana or other drug paraphernalia is discovered because the person engaged or assisted in the medical use of marijuana:
1. in a public place.
2. in a detention facility, county jail, state prison.
3. while delivering marijuana to another person, even if they hold a registry card.

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