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For years, there has existed a portion of the Las Vegas population who urge the idea of converting Downtown Las Vegas into a mini “Amsterdam.” Not only would the legalization of drugs such as marijuana, and the legalization and supervision of prostitution help regulate and purify each of those respective industries, but the prospective revenue boost to the State of Nevada would be immeasurable.
As of today, Las Vegas is one, small step closer to embodying such a vision. After a twelve hour meeting this past week, the Las Vegas City Council approved zoning requirements for the placement of Las Vegas medical marijuana dispensaries on both Fremont Street and on Las Vegas Boulevard.
Though there are no limits currently placed on marijuana cultivation and production facilities in Las Vegas, there will only be 12 dispensaries allowed in the city of Las Vegas itself. By state law, there will be a total of 66 Nevada medical marijuana dispensaries. 40 of these are allotted in Clark County; the city of Las Vegas will have 12, Henderson will have 5, North Las Vegas will have 4, and Mesquite will have 1.
The City Council placed strict distance rules regarding the placement of the Las Vegas marijuana dispensaries, cultivation, and production facilities; they must be located at least 1,000 feet from schools, 300 feet from community centers and parks, and 300 feet from churches.
When making an argument for the allocation of dispensaries directly on Las Vegas Boulevard, Councilman Bob Coffin, as reported by the Las Vegas Sun, said the city already had “an abundance of pawn shops, an abundance of strip joints … a pharmacy model of marijuana dispensary is very likely to be an upgrade.”
The City Council will re-convene to further discuss the integration of Las Vegas medical marijuana facilities in a June 4th Medical Marijuana Meeting.
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