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An attorney representing Harry Reid’s brother entered a “not guilty” plea this week for charges ranging from DUI, Battery, & Weapons.

U.S. Senator Harry Reid’s brother is 73 year old Larry Joe Reid, who did not appear for his Boulder City hearing. A date of July 14th is set for the judge to decide if the “battery on a police officer” charge should move on to a state court, in trial.

Where did this all begin? Last February, Larry Joe Reid was arrested at gunpoint by a Nevada Highway Patrol officer after the officer found Reid in his SUV, sitting on the 95 median.

A police report claims that Reid punched the officer and attempted to escape by driving away while the officer was still clutching the side of the SUV. This continued until the officer pulled out his gun and demanded that Reid stop driving.

Later on, officers found a gun hidden in Reid’s car, leading to the weapons charge; Reid had been intoxicated.

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