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From Seed to Sale! Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Details & Propositions

It seems as if Las Vegas residents are just as interested in who has been applying for medical marijuana licenses as they are in the new medical marijuana trend itself.
Because Clark County is only dolling out 40 medical marijuana licenses in Southern Nevada, it has been a tough competition thus far for the 100+ applicants. To note: the Las Vegas medical marijuana industry is, potentially, a multi-million dollar industry, so why wouldn’t Southern Nevada’s top players want to vie for a piece of that pie?
This past Monday, the business application details were released by Clark County, making all of the 109 applicants’ information public. One of the most note-worthy contenders, who is actually withdrawing from the mix, is Oscar B. Goodman Jr. himself. Goodman Jr. is more than just former Mayor Oscar Goodman’s son; he is a Las Vegas oncologist–a doctor who specializes in curing and treating cancer. Goodman Jr. felt it may be considered a “conflict of interest” to be both an oncologist and a medical marijuana prescriber. Seems like an ethical choice for Goodman Jr. to make.
On May 5th of this month, the Las Vegas Review Journal wrote an article exploring several of the new, important propositions for medical marijuana laws in Las Vegas. As well, the authors posted the public list of all 109 business applicants. That information can be accessed via the LVRJ site. In the mean time…
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