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Get Connected with North Las Vegas, Sign Up For Crime Alerts

While crime can, and does, occur in all parts of the Las Vegas Valley, it is a known fact that North Las Vegas suffers severely from numerous counts of trespassing, burglary, stolen vehicle crimes, and other offenses.
Residents have longed for a way to keep themselves and their families safe by remaining aware of where/when these crimes are taking place… and now, their pleas and prayers have been answered.
North Las Vegas residents can now keep up with all reported crimes by signing up for AlertID, a Mobile Crime Alerts system which will notify them via email, text, or push whenever a crime is reported.
North Las Vegas Police Department recently urged residents to sign up for this communication platform because it connects citizens with federal and local authorities while providing information that will help ensure the safety and well-being of North Las Vegas individuals, families, and communities.
Residents can sign up at to receive notice of suspicious or criminal activity in their area. These crime alerts in Las Vegas are free, and can be received via e-mail, text, or push notification via the AlertID app. Residents simply enter their address and select which information they would like to be sent.
One very useful feature of AlertID is that different crime levels are assigned different alert levels: for example, a high level alert includes reports of violent crimes. So, if a resident would only like to be notified of high level alerts, he/she will not be alerted for less severe crimes such as car thefts. Or, on the other hand, an individual may choose to be alerted of all crimes in the area, including low, medium, and high level crimes.
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