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There are many claims to fame associated with Las Vegas: the bright neon lights on the strip, endless buffets, vibrant nightlife, the gambling, the women, the beautiful Red Rock National Park, no state tax, brutal heat, the list goes on! Historically, too, when one mentions “Las Vegas” big names like Sinatra, Elvis, and Howard Hughes come to mind.
But one of the less desirable claims to fame Las Vegas now has to offer is a recently reported ranking of #2 in the entire nation for violent crimes.
This year, the FBI released a crime report tracking major violent and non-violent crimes, and Nevada ranks only behind Tennessee as the most violent state in the U.S.
The report noted that some of the causes of the high incident of Nevada violent crimes include: higher poverty rate and lower education levels.
Arrests for violent crimes in Las Vegas are becoming more frequent, and being arrested and/or convicted of a Las Vegas violent crime such as battery in Las Vegas or assault charges in Las Vegas can have a long, negative, lasting impact on your life and freedom; you may lose your immigration status, your right to own a gun, your right to vote, your job, your future employment opportunities, your peace of mind, and worse of all: your freedom. Examples of violent crimes in Las Vegas include:
· Kidnapping
· Domestic Violence
· Child Abuse
· Assault and Battery
· Aggravated Assault
· Aggravated Battery
· Manslaughter
· Murder / Homicide
· Robbery
· Robbery with a deadly weapon
· Sexual Assault
· Rape
If you or someone you know has been charged with any of the above crimes, it is in your best interest to consult with an experienced Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer immediately. Depending on your circumstances and the facts in your case, your crime could be felony carrying an extremely harsh range of punishments if left unattended to. Call the Law Office of Mark Coburn today at (702) 384-1001 for a free consultation on your behalf.

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