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Even at a posh, Las Vegas hotel: death happens.
This week, it took the life of a young man who went by “Hollywood Will.” Evan Plunkett, 25, an up-and-coming rapper visiting the Palms Casino to film a music video, was shot to death in a suite at the popular Las Vegas hotel.
Police report that a fight began between Evan and several other men during a party in the Palms Casino’s Fantasy Tower, during which, Evan was shot in the chest and killed.
Sadly, the killer escaped the scene of the crime, and has eluded metro police officers and investigators since.
Sadder still are the minute details of the shooting. Apparently, the fight originally had nothing to do with “Hollywood Will” at all; he was merely attempting to break-up an existing fight when he dreadfully got in the line of fire. As well, the victim’s brother was injured attempting to protect Evan.
This tragic tale goes to show an individual is never truly safe anywhere, and it is important to remember, regardless of where you stay when you visit Las Vegas—whether it’s at the Budget Suites or the Wynn—you must remain vigilant, with all your senses intact, especially when interacting with new people in large groups, such as at a party or nightclub.
And, as always: report any signs of inappropriate, violent, or criminal behavior as soon as you sense there may be a problem brewing. Trust your instincts.
This young marine and rapper shot at the Palms is one of many unnecessary gun-related deaths in Las Vegas.

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