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The story is odd but true.
In March 2014, the North Las Vegas Justice Court ordered a pair of inmates to be sent approximately three miles up the road to the Clark County Detention Center.
Unfortunately, they did not arrive until an entire month later due to “case holds” placed on them by the court. The criminals were Walter Latimore and James Thomas, both of whom have histories of mental illness. They were first ordered to wait in county custody while awaiting mental competency hearings. As well, each inmate faced separate, pending, misdemeanor charges in the North Las Vegas Municipal Court, which placed an additional hold their cases.
District and Justice Court officials claim that this particular pair of individuals is not the first to be held up in the court system for an extended period of time…and they likely won’t be the last.
Not only is this obstruction aggravating to all parties involved, but it costs the city an enormous amount of money each time something like this occurs. As well, there are liability issues and, bluntly, competency issues, which can and should be addressed.
City officials say that they are currently checking into the matter.
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