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Las Vegas Criminal Defense AttorneyLast Friday, NHL Kings center, Jarret Stoll, was arrested for suspicion possession of Cocaine and Ecstasy at the MGM Grand pool.

Officials are still waiting for the results of detailed toxicology reports that will not be ready for several weeks; therefore, formal charges cannot be filed until officials are able to review the case with the full reports.

Stoll will face felony charges for drug possession if the reports come back positive.

How did this happen? Stoll agreed to a pat-down upon entrance to MGM Grand’s “Wet Republic” pool party. According to the security guard who filed out the report, he found a whitish powder in two small baggies, as well as another baggie containing gel-caps with an off-white powder inside of them. These items were found in Stoll’s swim shorts.

A trained narcotics detective of 20 years stated that he recognized the substances as cocaine, and MDMA, respectively. Further, a field test confirmed these suspicions. And, as if that all was not enough evidence, a police officer asked Stoll if the powder was cocaine, and Stoll replied, “Yes.”

Stoll’s attorney is reported to be David Chesnoff — a hard-hitting Las Vegas attorney who has represented  other big names such as Bruno Mars,  Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan.

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