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NFL Owners asked to watch video on Domestic Violence

This past Wednesday, a powerful and moving video was presenting to NFL owners on the topic of Domestic Violence.

The video was created by Joe Ehrmann, a defensive tackle for 10 pro seasons. He asked viewers to imagine what it would be like to see one of their own loved ones being abused; he then urged the audience to intervene in order to stop such behaviors from occurring.

“Think about the role you have to raise up a generation of men that are going to have the clarity, have the moral courage to call out other men,” Ehrmann said, as reported by the Las Vegas Review Journal.

The video was part of a longer presentation organized by the NFL league, as well a group of outside advocates. The goal being: to educate the NFL (owners, coaches, and players alike) in regards to the dangers of spousal abuse, sexual assault, child abuse, and other forms of serious domestic violence.

NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, alsdo outlined how the NFL will re-examine its personal conduct policy. Also according to the LVRJ: at the presentation, Lisa Friel, vice president of the Sexual Misconduct Consulting & Investigations division for T&M Protection Resources, stated, “It is important with this kind of education to start at the top and have it filter down.”

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