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There is a new app that promises to save lives by pairing a breathalyzer test with a piece of technology everyone seems to have today: a smartphone.

The App is called “Alcohoot” and claims to be the first of its kind. The creators say the app is just as accurate as the breathalyzers used by law enforcement, and they claim the App discourages alcohol users from getting behind the wheel of a car after they have been drinking.

Ben Biron, one of the App creators, says the App is easy to use, affordable (less than $100) and will aid in the fight against drunk driving.

“We wanted to do something that had a social mission and not just generate money,” Biron said.

Alcohoot works by plugging the breathalyzer device into a smartphone’s audio jack, then opening the App, blowing into the breathalyzer–and within seconds, the user’s blood alcohol content (BAC) pops up. But that’s not all. The App also brings up numbers for taxi companies and even a user’s contact list to call a friend for a ride home. The App also lets users track how much they have been drinking using a chart.

FOX Carolina wanted to see how well Alcohoot works against officers’ breathalyzers. FOX Carolina photographer Dal Kalsi volunteered to help by drinking three 16 ounce beers. Then the Wingate Police Department tested his BAC using a certified law enforcement field breathalyzer. His BAC registered at 0.03. Then he tested Alcohoot twice, which came within 0.002 of a percentage of the police’s test.

The officer said despite Alcohoot’s accuracy, he did not recommend using it to decide whether or not to drive after drinking. Biron agreed. “My opinion is don’t drink and drive at all,” said Biron. “My opinion is buzz driving is drunk driving.”

Alcohoot is not available yet but is accepting pre-order online for $75.

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Attorney Mark Coburn Discusses New App Pairs Breathalyzer Test With Smartphones

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