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Mayer of California Arrested: DUI Suspicion

Earlier this month Murrieta Mayor Alan Long was arrested due to police suspicions that he was driving under the influence after he rear-ended a car and injured four cheerleaders.

His bail was set at $50,000 according to the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

After being pulled over, Long failed the field sobriety test, but did pass the Breathalyzer test. Because of this discrepancy, a blood test was taken, and police are awaiting the results.

Mayor Alan long is reported, by the Las Vegas Sun, to have “plowed into the back of the car” as it was stopped at a red light. The teenage cheerleaders inside had been returning from a school pep rally and were taken to a nearby hospital with moderate and major injuries.

Las Vegas Sun attempted to contact Long via e-mail, seeking comment on the accident, and they called his office as well… but the calls rang unanswered.

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