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Recently, the Nevada Supreme Court decided to amend the rules regarding what constitutes professional conduct for lawyers when it comes to discussing the state’s medical marijuana laws. All six members of the court unanimously agreed to an addendum that states: “a lawyer may counsel a client regarding the validity, scope and meaning of Nevada constitution Article 4, Section 38” which is the article that addresses medical marijuana in Nevada.
In case you have yet to hear the news, medical marijuana dispensaries were given the ‘green light’ back in 2013. As numerous, powerful individuals and corporations scrambled to apply for one of the 40 dispensary licenses being offered by the state, Las Vegas Attorneys wondering if they would be penalized or reprimanded from the Nevada State Bar for discussing medical marijuana options with their clients.
Since then, the Nevada State Bar has asked court justices to adopt a rule to protect Las Vegas Attorneys from losing their licenses if they discus with a potential client medical marijuana options, including the opening of a medical marijuana dispensary. This rule also protects attorneys who give advice to cities and counties regarding the aforementioned issues.
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Las Vegas’ Big Players Compete for Medical Marijuana Licenses

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