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Las Vegas Criminal Defense LawyerEven though it is legal to own and possess firearms for many people in Nevada, there are still laws and regulations that govern this right. For example, you may not own or use a firearm in Nevada if you are a convicted felon, fugitive, illegal alien, or mentally ill. As well, it is illegal for anybody to knowingly sell a firearm to such a person.

Other crimes associated with firearms include: carrying a concealed weapon, using a firearm to commit a crime, failing to surrender a firearm during a domestic violence case, using a gun to threaten, using a gun while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, using a firearm around a child, dealing with stolen guns, and other intimidating charges.

If you have been charged with a crime relating to firearms in the Las Vegas area, contact our Law Office immediately for a Free Consultation to discuss your case. Criminal Defense Attorney Mark Coburn has been practicing law for over 20 years and is equipped with the knowledge, reputation, and drive to aggressively fight for your case. It may be possible for our Law Office to negotiate with the prosecutor to have your charges reduced or, in some cases, dismissed completely.

So unless you are willing to accept the maximum possible sentence & fees for your charge, contact an experienced Firearms Defense Attorney today at (702) 384-1001


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