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In recent months, over 100 Las Vegas companies have vied for a limited number of medical marijuana licenses in Clark County.

Before you pass judgment on the “type” of person or company you believe would wish to engage in this budding industry, know this: these ain’t no pot-heads and hippies seeking the potentially enormous financial windfall to be found in the Las Vegas medical marijuana industry; on the contrary, many of the proposals submitted were from companies and individuals with political clout, ties to the casino business, reputable doctors, and real estate investors.
The state plans to only allow a maximum of 40 medical marijuana business licenses in Clark County, which will be used for a variety of purposes including medical marijuana dispensaries, marijuana production facilities, cultivation warehouses, and testing labs. This all translates to huge profits, so why wouldn’t any wealth-hungry company want a piece of that green pie?
Rumored to be involved with the new medical marijuana movement in Southern Nevada is Sig Rogich, senior adviser to U.S. Presidents such as Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. Rogich currently runs a prominent public relations firm in Nevada (that actually, eight years ago, managed an anti-drug campaign during a marijuana ballot initiative.)
Another big name rumored to have applied for both dispensary and cultivation licenses: James Bixler, a retiring Eighth District Court judge. Bixler recently created Greenleaf Dispensaries Inc. with some family members and a friend. Interestingly, if granted a license, Bixler, according to a Review Journal article posted this past month, says he will donate some of his profits to drug education and treatment programs.
Chad Christensen is another rumored contender. This former LV Assemblyman ran as Republican candidate for the Senate back in 2010, and has recently partnered with a friend to apply for licenses for a dispensary and a cultivation facility.
As well, Bill Feather, who once held the position of President of Planet Hollywood Resort, is rumored to have formed Doctors’ Dispensary LLC with Oscar B. Goodman Jr.
These are but a few of the recognizable names who are looking to be involved in the new medical marijuana industry in Southern Nevada. Whether they solely desire financial gain from this endeavor or they truly believe in the benefits medical marijuana has to offer is up for interpretation, but one thing is certain: they have acted swiftly and wisely in attempts to secure one of those coveted 40 licenses.
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