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This past April in Las Vegas, two men from Nevada’s neighbor, California, were sentenced to eight years apiece in federal prison. In 2013, these criminals transported teenage girls from Northern California to be enslaved by prostitution here in Las Vegas.

One of the criminals, Andrew West, was also court ordered to remain on supervised release for 20 years after he gets out of federal prison. As well, the other criminal, Ray Darnell Webb, was ordered 10 years of supervised release after his eight year sentence concludes.
As with all sex crimes cases, both men must now register as sex offenders when they are released from prison.
The transportation of minors across state lines, in order to have them work as prostitutes, is a federal felony crime. As such, the cases involving West and Webb were investigated by both the FBI and the Metropolitan Police Department, and the men were prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Nicholas Dickinson and Phillip Smith, Jr.
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