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27-year-old Sophia Parker was covered in scars when she appeared in court earlier this month. The abuser? Her brother.

Accord to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Ms. Parker spent years working as a prostitute to support her child and her brother… to note: the child was a product of sex with her brother (who is, according to the RJ, her half-brother.)

30-year-old Edmund Bobby Ho faces dozens of charges, including two counts of first degree kidnapping, which he pleaded guilty to. He faces a potential prison term of 10 years to life.

The abuse began when Ms. Parker was six months pregnant. The couple was back in Hawaii, where they had been raised, trying to find work. It began with a backhanded slap across her face, in public at a bus stop one day. It was downhill from there.

Allegedly, Edmund Bobby Ho would punch his sister in her stomach and tell her she wasn’t worthy of bearing his child.

They gave the child up for adoption after it was born, then moved back to the mainland.

Parker began prostitution in 2011. Shortly thereafter, her brother introduced her to meth. He was arrested for whipping her with a belt and for strangling her. She always returned to him.

He also was reported to whip her with cords, choke her until she nearly passed out, or cut her hands with a knife. Parker thought she would die.

One particularly lengthy period of abuse involved Ho whipping Parker with an electrical cord from her hair straightener for days as she was blindfolded and tied up and bound with bed sheets. He also kicked her and punched her, breaking her ribs, nose, and an eye socket.

Parker’s lung collapsed, and she suffered kidney damage due to no food or water.

Parker is reported to have said, “We’ll always be related by blood,” she said. “We’ll always have a daughter together, but I don’t know him. I was holding onto what I thought was love with him for five years, and he really did leave me to die. He didn’t care.”

When she was freed, Parker went to the hospital and was in a coma before recovering enough to tell police her story.

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