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Las Vegas Criminal Defense Casino MarkersHollywood socialite Brandon Davis (estimated net worth of $55 million) known as “Greasy Bear” is the fortunate grandson of Marvin Davis, the oil tycoon who amassed his fortune as the chairman of Davis Petroleum.

Despite his debt of $300,000 to Vegas’s own Steve Wynn, the Greasy bear was recently spotting partying in Cannes.

Brandon amassed his debt (which should be chump change to him…) during a Bellagio gambling spree. He owes the money to the Bellagio in the form of casino markers.

Brandon was ordered to pay $9,257 a month until the casino tab is paid off. His first payment was due a few weeks ago, and he was warned that if he doesn’t pay, the Clark County DA will prosecute.

Note: Greasy Bear has a history. He was sued by the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas in 2007 for allegedly bouncing checks.

All of this does not seem to perplex G.B., as he was recently photographed with models in Cannes, as well as aboard a mega yacht.

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