by on September 3, 2015 Under Criminal Defense

Former Las Vegas Firefighter, George Tiaffray, will go to trial this Wednesday for the alleged hiring of an ex-felon/homeless man to kill his wife, Shauna Tiaffay.

Prosecutor Pam Weckerly stated, “Tempers didn’t flare, it wasn’t emotional, it wasn’t heated, it wasn’t confrontational. The murder of Shauna Tiaffay was as cold and as dispassionate as it could get.”

The admitted killer, Noel Stevens, told Clark County jurors George Tiaffay had promised him $5,000, bought the murder weapon and planned out a variety of ways to kill Shauna Tiaffay.

Stevens hid in Shauna’s apartment and attacked after she returned home from work one night.

Defense attorney Robert Langford claims that Stevens is responsible for the crime, not George Tiaffray, and that and Stevens’ testimony cannot be trusted.

We will see what the jury thinks…