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This is a continuation from a previous article. Read Part 1 to catch up before continuing!

Unpaid Casino Markers is a FELONY charge.

You can end up in jail if you fail to make good a casino debt.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, “The district attorney processes about 100 marker cases each week and thousands a year involving big resorts and smaller neighborhood casinos.”

As if going to jail isn’t threatening enough, a gambler who has unpaid casino debt often has severely damaged financial health as a result. Oftentimes, the gambler ends up filing bankruptcy.

The Economist recently published an article discussing the fact that Americans lost a collective $119 BILLION gambling just in 2013! You bet your bottom dollar (or not) that a huge portion of that money was given to the casino industry.

So if gambling is such a problem, why do people do it? Well, it is an addiction. But even if that’s not the case for the average Las Vegas gambler, why do we gamble when the odds are clearly against us? (And they are… read on…)

Bwin Party Digital Entertainment, a gambling company, studied the behavior of 4,222 Internet gamblers and the results showed that only 11 percent of the players ended up winning, and most of those players won less than $150. The Wall Street Journal also conducted a study and found that only 13.5 percent of casino gamblers ended up winning.

So is it the thrill that keeps us at the tables or slot machines? Is it an escape? Costly entertainment? Compulsion? Boredom?

And what drives a gambler to be so invested in “the game” that he/she takes out a loan from the casino to gamble thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of money they don’t even have??

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