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Criminal Lawyer Las vegas

Casinos have been lending higher and higher credit lines to high-stakes players.

In recent years, the entire casino industry has gone to great lengths to lure clients into their establishments; crazy lights, flashy shows, endless food, free drinks, enticing cocktail waitresses… you know the game. Ever seen a clock or a window in a casino? Nope. And the oxygen keeps getting pumped in, in ever great quantities… to keep gamblers awake, alert, and spending.

So what if a big spender runs out of cash on his/her most recent gambling spree? No problem. Casinos will loan “markers” so the gamblers can keep on playing (i.e. losing).

The issue here arises when gamblers are unable to eventually pay back casinos for their “generous” loans.

According to the Las Vegas District Attorney’s office, those who default on a casino marker will be charged with a felony. Las Vegas’ DA’s office even has a Bad Check Unit that collects outstanding casino debt. The office receives a 10 percent reward for each collection. For example, if the Bad Check Unit comes after you for $50,000 of unpaid debt, you will eventually end up owing a total of $55,000 (because you must cover the DA’s fee.)

Read more on this topic shortly. In the meantime, if you have an Unpaid Casino Marker Debt, know that this is a felony offense and it is in your best interest to hire a Criminal Lawyer to help with the case. Call us at (702) 384-1001 today for a Free Consultation.

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