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Can an Attorney Help with my Las Vegas Warrant?

Hiring the best Criminal Defense Attorney for your Las Vegas Warrant is a winning bet. An experienced lawyer may help you immensely if you were issued an arrest warrant, or believe you may be issued one in the future due to unpaid tickets (including simple traffic tickets… even those can lead to you being placed in jail!)

If you believe there’s a chance you have an arrest warrant in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, or Henderson, a member of our Law Office will first search the appropriate data bases to confirm this. If nothing comes up in the data bases, but you still believe you have a warrant, we are happy to contact the appropriate sources to discover which stage of the process your warrant is in.

If, however, your warrant already shows as active in the systems, we will immediately begin the process of quashing your warrant. In most cases, your warrant will be quashed (i.e. gone) within 24 hours.

**It is important that you understand, once you have an active warrant for your arrest issued, YOU MAY BE ARRESTED AT ANY TIME. Even if you go to the court window to pay your fines, you can be arrested. Even if you are in your home watching t.v. minding your own business, the cops may knock on the door and arrest you. Even if you are just driving to work in the morning with every intention of paying your fees later that day, the cops may pull you over, arrest you, and put you in jail.**

That is why it’s imperative you hire an experienced Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney to clear up your record immediately and help you maintain your freedom. Call The Law Offices of Mark Coburn today at 702-384-1001 for a Free Consultation to discuss your case.

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