by on April 5, 2015 Under Criminal Defense

You can get away with a LOT in Las Vegas. Not that we condone sinful behaviors of any sort… but it is basic knowledge that they occur here, nonetheless.

However, one thing this city is sure to NOT allow you to get away with: skipping out on money that you owe to a casino.

Even filing for personal bankruptcy may not protect you from needing to pay off your outstanding casino debts.

In an article written in Nevada Gaming Lawyer magazine, details are shared from a set of cases that do not allow the casino debtor to use bankruptcy laws to escape the criminal liability that comes when the state of Nevada files a case against you.

Even if this was not the case: you don’t want to make enemies with one of Nevada’s powerhouse casinos. Trust us, they have power and will use it against you.

Don’t sign a marker you can’t pay.

But, if you did, and you’re facing intimidating Criminal Charges, call our Criminal Defense Law Office today at (702) 384-1001. Attorney Mark Coburn will fight to defend your rights and see to it you face minimum penalties for your crime. Call us today so we can begin building a case in your defense.

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