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Attempted Murder Charges faced in Las Vegas by: former UFC fighter “War Machine”. Possible life in prison sentence

This past Wednesday in the Las Vegas Valley, a former UFC fighter and current mixed martial arts fighter most commonly known as “War Machine” was officially charged with attempted murder, sexual assault, and other criminal charges in Las Vegas.

War Machine’s birth name is Jonathan Koppenhaver, age 32, and the charges received were due to attacks suspected against his ex-girlfriend, adult film star, Christy Mack, age 23.

Back in August, Miss Mack posted Twitter photos of herself, severely injured, after what she claimed were violent attacks by Koppenhaver the prior week.

Following the accusations, Koppenhaver was found in a Los Angeles suburb and extradited to Nevada where he was sought on a warrant regarding no less than seven criminal charges including battery, assault, coercion and lewdness.

Koppenhaver’s attorneys have the intention of fighting the charges, which also include burglary, battery constituting domestic violence, sexually motivated coercion, and witness tampering. The attorneys claim that Koppenhaver was defending himself during an incident involving Miss Mack and her male friend, Corey Thomas. Unfortunately, Corey Thomas also suffered from severe injuries including broken bones in his face.

Christy Mack’s injuries included a lacerated liver, facial bruises and fractures, and missing teeth. According the prosecutor Jacqueline Bluth, Miss Mack is undergoing surgical procedures to repair her facial injuries.

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